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Founded in September 2017, by Natalie Yorke-Goldney, a former Edgbarrow B National competitor, the club started out with two small hired trampolines on a Sunday morning at Etone leisure centre in Nuneaton, where Nuneaton Trampoline Club was born!
Growing fast, we brought our first two full sized trampolines and moved to Nicholas Chamberlain School, Bedworth. The school unfortunately for us was being knocked down to be re-built and we found ourselves homeless. Impressively though we had now accumulated another trampoline, allowing us to offer more spaces to classes.  
We secured a new hired venue, to call home at the Nuneaton Academy School, Nuneaton in April 2019, and gained a further two trampolines, and things were going well. That year saw us enter many gymnasts into the regional NDP event, with some impressive results for the gymnasts. A small but growing club of about 60 members.

Then came COVID..... This saw us close our doors for over a year....sob sob..... HOWEVER we are.... BACK STRONGER! 

While we couldn't reopen the Nuneaton venue, in the mean time we decided to expand into Warwick and open a new venue in April 2021, and re-brand, invested, revised everything to become bigger and better and; The Trampoline Academy was born. We finally managed to re-open the Nuneaton venue at the back end of 2021.

Like many clubs alot of members dwindled off and didn't return. We worked hard to re-build our numbers and get get kids bouncing again! 

Nearly Three years later, we have about 150 members across the two sites, and have developed the gymnasts back to competing at regional and national level. 

2023 saw our first ever West Midlands Champions Titles for, Katie (female foundation age 13-17yrs) and Lydia (female beginner foundation age 11-12yrs) 

Following this we have had regional winners and medals in the regional challenge cup, and places on the regional team for the National finals for Reece, Isla and Tyler

So we must be doing something right!! 

We have developed a young leaders and trainee coach academy, offering paid work experience, life skill, qualifications, personal development, and enrichment to young people. 

We hope to continue having a positive impact on children and young peoples lives, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. We are and always have been a community and a family to our members. We are here to support, learn, laugh and grow. 

The Trampoline Academy 

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