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Your Journey Starts Here 

Pre-School Trampolining 

Structured planned COACH LEAD classes 

Each class follows a weekly theme for example the weather, animals, all about me..

Within each class we focus on four key development areas, social, emotional, educational and physical development

Kipper the Kangaroo will meet and great each child at each session as we start with our interactive circle time and warm up with fun music games and songs.

Children must be minimum of age 3 to attend. Accompanying adults must stay during the class to assist with spotting at the trampolines. Younger siblings are welcome and we will support you to attend the class with them in tow! 

We keep a ratio of 1 trampoline to 3 children and our sticky stations keep your child active, engaged and involved 

in between your turn jumping. 

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Pre-School success at competitions

We have developed our own pre-school awards programme. Each child will earn certificates as they progress though there trampoline gymnastic journey. The programme extends into the general classes once they start school, they will enter the classes already ahead with the skills  


All our classes involve learning through play. We place a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skill including for example counting, simple adding of, numbers, shapes, colours, days of the week and much more.

Our themed topics help us to explore festivals such as Easter, Christmas, Diwali, Birthdays or Countries, animals.  We encourage children to be inquisitive and creative helping little minds grow.  


Many pre-school children have spent a significant amount of their key development time isolated over the past two years! In our classes we include elements to help young children learn to develop the socialisations which allows children to learn the rules of society and find there place within it and aids the development of self-concept and personality 

HOWEVER this element isn't just for the child! As mums we understand the need of adult company and the chance to make 'baby friends' and extend your social network, to improve your mental and social wellbeing, epically since COVID!  In our pre-school classes we aim to created a social environment for the grown ups to, and the opportunity to be involved in the class little or as much as you feel conformable with, and you can always have a bounce too! 


We help children to learn and develop there fine and gross motor skills in the class. 

On and off the trampoline we start to develop balance, agility, core strength and flexibility. 

Our innovative sticky stations are focused on the fine motor development, and educational learning, from, tying knots to threading beads, and figuring out puzzles. These keep little minds and bodies busy as we believe no child should ever be sat still waiting in our classes


Pre-school children need opportunities to develop self-awareness, understand their thoughts and feelings, evaluate themselves in relation to other people and recognise and categorise emotion. Pre-school trampolining can develop emotional awareness by exposing children to opportunities that may evoke certain emotions in a controlled environment. 


We aim to help children build resilience  to have the ability to recover, adapt and find solutions to problems.

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