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Gymnasts are entitled to, up to two, taster sessions at the session hourly price before committing to a class, British Gymnastic and Club Membership.

British Gymnastics Membership
British Gymnastics require all participants to have a minimum of recreational membership.
This is a annual fee will be an annual rolling membership fee from July 2024

Its current price is £23pa 

Annual Club Membership fee

Club membership fee £25, siblings receive a 25% discount per sibling.

All fees are reinvested back into the club to improve equipment, & develop coaches.  


Club membership is an annual fee payable on joining and in April at Warwick and September in Nuneaton every year. The membership fee reduced by pro-rata when joining throughout the year. 

Class payments

Payments are required on a monthly basis at the beginning of the month via standing order on your 'Joinin' account 

You DO NOT pay when we are closed.

Nuneaton Pricing - Based on 44 weeks per year*

1 hour class                          £37 (Mondays £35) pcm

1.5 hours class                     £47 (Mondays £44.86) pcm

2 x 1.5 hours class               £77.33 (Mondays £75.54) pcm 

3 x 1.5 hrs                             £105.60 pcm 

Warwick Pricing - Based on 48 weeks per year*

From Sept 2024 all warwick classes will transition from 44 weeks per year to 48 weeks

General classes

50 minute class                    £36.96 pcm (£10.09 per hour)

1 hours class                        £40.50 pcm (£10.09 per hour)


Attend 2 x 1hr and/or 50 min class per week 10% discount 

Squad Classes

1 x squad class                     £64.36 pcm (£8.05 per hour)

2 x squad classes                 £105.60 pcm (£6.60 per hour) 

3 x squad classes                 £130 pcm (£5.41 per hour)

If squad members wish to do general classes they must pay the general class fee

*Monthly payments are calculated on a pro-rata basis of our closures. Mondays are based on 43 weeks to cater for Bank Holidays and Other week nights are based on training 44 at Nuneaton and 48 weeks at Warwick per year.

We close for (4 weeks in the summer - Nuneaton Only), over Christmas, and Easter holidays, exact dates are given in advance.

Taster sessions are at the class rate fee 

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