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NEW TERM DATES - Summer 2022


***Come join us Tuesday 3rd May for a taster class*** £10pp ***1:30-2:30pm @ Chase meadows Community Centre Warwick CV34 6BT***


Summer term 1: 10th May to 14th June 2022


Summer term 2: 21st June – 26th July 2022


£60 per term (includes insurance, and achievement certificate and medal in week 6) 


Week 1 – Shapes and Twisting

Week 2 – Front landings

Week 3 – Back landings

Week 4 – Rotations and somersaults

Week 5 – Linking

Week 6 – Achievement Award & Fun 


Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities

Small group sizes of 4-6 per class

Grown-up are required to stay and help spot where required

Suitable for children with additional learning needs, autisms, and anxiety 

We look to work with the parents/guardians to create an environment and home ed class that works for the children in the group

1:1 SEN classes

Some children and young people struggle with the social element of boing in a group class, we also offer 1:1 classes to help support those affected or wh have additional learning needs. Please contact us to discuss or inquire further. 

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Here begins the real education in trampoline gymnastics.  We evolve the participants in their learning, to understand why a skill was good, how it can be improved, or why it need to be improved. They are included in feed back, learn coaching points and begin to self-reflect on performance. 

We often discuss muscles, bones, biomechanics... depending how interested they are, and often with out them even realising it!  


Advancing and growing social independence, our classes help development of independence,  self-concept and personality. The self-concept is constructed from the beliefs held about ones-self and the response of others around them.

Participants have the opportunity to expand friendship groups, and individuality. 


Fine and gross motor skills continue to be developed. By following our award scheme it facilities gymnasts to move at a pace that is right for them.


A greater emphasis is started to be placed on core strength and flexibility with range and conditioning activities and games added into the sessions


We continue to help children build resilience, by developing competence, and confidence in themselves through there achievements. 


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